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Welcome to the The H²Org Web site, your UK source for ArcaOS.

Note: While the domain name is still, we have stopped selling eComStation products as they have not been updated for some years.

However, there is an alternative: ArcaOS, from Arca Noae LLC.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of OS/2 or you've never heard of it, you really should have a look at ArcaOS(tm).  It's a reliable, stable, powerful, modern operating system, derived from IBM's OS/2, and it comes with enough software included to be immediately useful for most things you will want to do.

One of the goals was to produce a system to solve the problem of running OS/2 software on modern hardware, and we have many clients doing just this, especially in the financial and industrial sectors.

ArcaOS is highly resistant to viruses, worms and trojan horse software!

To browse around this site use the buttons above, which are on every screen, to take you to different areas, and any buttons that appear to the left to go deeper into that area.

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If you want to order ArcaOS, go to the Products area, where you can see what packages are available and their prices.

The H²Org has more than thirty years' experience in the computer industry behind it, and customer satisfaction is our top priority, so please tell us how we can help you!

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Thanks for visiting! - Howard Winter